Have you ever wanted to send a note to yourself while browsing on your iOS device so that you can keep track of a great article or website? Perhaps you don’t have time to read it right away but you have to read it sometime. You’ve tried Evernote, Bear and Pocket but you really just want something very simple on your favorite everyday inbox.

In the past, I would tap the Gmail app icon, set the To to myself and hit send. With Mailo, you can connect the app to your Gmail account and allow it to Insert mail into your mailbox and Manage mailbox labels. The app won’t be able to read your email but it’ll still be able to insert an email with a label of your choice (which is why it needs the label permission).

It offers a one-click extension (Mailo Save URL) which silently takes care of everything.

I really like this little app. Happy note-taking!