I am a software engineer (MSc in Biomedical Engineering) serving as a joint CTO at Uphold, a global fintech, cryptocurrency-native trading platform founded in 2014 with offices all around the world and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Uphold powers the digital wallet of the popular Brave browser. At Uphold, I contribute to the design, implementation, maintenance and coordination of complex financial systems with a focus on security, performance and scalability.

As an open source enthusiast, I have contributed to several projects and released multiple libraries to the community. You can find some of those projects on github and npm. In 2016, I published a book on Yubikeys - the Yubikey Handbook - available online for free.

I am also a restless maker with a passion for electronics. My most recent projects are focused on home automation. Whenever I have time, I publish the findings of my challenges on this blog.

I used to say that I was a software engineer by day, a security engineer by night and a network engineer on weekends. Then I became a father :-).


GPG Key: 0x7F061322DA5F62D1